Afloia Air Purifier Dehumidifier


This is a review of the Afloia Air Purifier Dehumidifier

Brand and Size: Afloia Air Purifier Dehumidifier
Area: around 200 sq ft.
Features: Quiet, Filter, Adjustable Light, Air Purifier, Compact
Suited for: Bedroom, Baby Room, Small Offices, Living Room, Dining Room, Common Areas, Open Spaces, and more

Afloia Air Purifier Area Moisture Considerations

Mini Dehumidifiers range from 1-4 Pint capacity. Mini dehumidifiers are suitable around 200 sq feet. 

These mini appliances are suited to moisture conditions that are Less Damp means [50 – 60% humidity] Air SOMETIMES feels damp / musty.

Mini Dehumidifier Area Moisture Table
Mini Dehumidifier Area Moisture Table
Afloia Mini Moisture Scale
Afloia Mini Moisture Scale

Afloia Air Purifier  Dehumidifier Features & Benefits

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Air Purifier / Damp Surfaces / Dry Surfaces

The Air Purifier combo can help you attain cleaner air in your house. Air purifiers use filters to eliminate allergies, dust mites, pet dander, and other unpleasant particles from the air.

The combination of these two gadgets creates a more pleasant and secure environment at your location.

Working on a table that is always damp can be uncomfortable. So is sitting on furniture that is sticky because of dampness.

The solution to removing dampness all around is using a dehumidifier. When the indoor environment is dry, your furniture will stay dry, too.

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Compact / Allergy triggers / Allergy prevention

The Afloia Air Purifier are compact in design to fit into small spaces. They are portable and easy to use. They have auto-restart, and auto-shutoff features and washable filters can be stand-alone with a built-in humidistat. They are still efficient and energy-efficient.

Dust mites are a type of allergen that can trigger asthma attacks. If you are already suffering from asthma, your condition could get worse. Those that do not have a history of asthma may develop an asthmatic condition if they are exposed to dust mites in the air.

Dehumidifiers to bring the humidity level to less than 50% are ideal for removing dust mites from your home.

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Quiet / Damage to walls / Normal and useful

The Air Purifier Dehumidifiers don’t make the normal buzzing or whooshing noises. The rotating fans are constructed in such a way that the acoustic quality is controlled. You can sleep with the dehumidifier working.

The barriers of vapor or air are usually inbuilt in the brickwork. But, they do not completely prevent the outside air from seeping in. High humidity can also cause moisture to seep into the foundation, crawl spaces, basements, damaging the structure.

Differing moisture levels in the plaster, studs, or joists will make the material contract or swell, creating cracks and potentially damaging the entire structure.

Keeping the air inside under control can be done with a dehumidifier. Making sure the structure is sound can be done with regular checks and by ensuring that outside humidity levels have no way of entering your homes.



Dimensions LxWxH


4.2 Pounds

 8.89 x 8.89 x 8.89 inches

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Problem: A dehumidifier can give you a comfortable night’s sleep. Solution: Excess moisture in the bedroom makes it uncomfortable to sleep but a dehumidifier brings down the humidity allowing a more comfortable sleep.

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Problem: Dust mites are allergens that are caused by constant humidity. These are allergy triggers that cause asthma attacks or other such conditions. Solution: Dehumidifiers are ideal for reducing the dust mites from your home.