Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier


This is a review of the Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Brand and Size: Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier
Area: around 200 sq ft.
Features: Energy Efficient, Renewable, Auto Shut Off, Gun Safe
Suited for: Closet, RV, Washroom, Small Room, and more

Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier Area Moisture Considerations

Mini Dehumidifiers range from 1-4 Pint capacity. Mini dehumidifiers are suitable around 200 sq feet. 

These mini appliances are suited to moisture conditions that are Less Damp means [50 – 60% humidity] Air SOMETIMES feels damp / musty.

Mini Dehumidifier Area Moisture Table
Mini Dehumidifier Area Moisture Table
Afloia Mini Moisture Scale
Afloia Mini Moisture Scale

Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier Features & Benefits

Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier Features Benefits 1

Small Spaces / Damage to clothes / Normal and useful

The Afloia dehumidifiers for small spaces have a compact design; they have an auto-shutoff function, auto-defrost, automatic reset, and air purification features and are easy to use.

High humidity damages clothing and leather accessories faster because they absorb the moisture from the air. Such dampness can attract mold and mildew and make your clothes smelly even if they have been recently washed. Apart from that, fabric and leather get damaged by the constant presence of moisture in the air and in closets.

The Afloia dehumidifying your home will keep the clothes dry and smelling fresh. Moreover, they will last longer.

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Gun Safe / Feeling Hot / Feeling Cool

The Afloia dehumidifiers for gun safes have a compact design. They have moisture absorbers to prevent corrosion, auto-shutoff function, auto-defrost, automatic reset, quiet, humidistat, and are easy to use. They are also rechargeable.

Excess humidity can make you feel hot because the heat builds up in the body having no way to escape through sweat. It obstructs your body’s natural cooling mechanism.

The Afloia dehumidifiers will bring down the humidity levels to make living comfortable and when the heat leaves your body through evaporation of sweat, you will feel cooler.

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Closet / Allergies / Allergy free

The Afloia closet dehumidifiers are mini or small portable units with wheels and a handle to move them. They have an auto-restart function, easy to clean filters, a humidistat, and auto-defrost.

Mold thrives in humid conditions. Exposure to mold can be harmful because mold spores are toxic to the body. These toxins can cause nasal blockages, wheezing, coughing, and skin irritations.

Removing the mold from your home and preventing it from appearing again would be the best solution. Using a dehumidifier can help prevent mold and mildew from growing in your home leaving the air drier and cooler. Breathing becomes easy, and there are no toxins present to cause health problems.

5001 4.png

Rv / Dehydration / Well-hydrated

The Afloia RV dehumidifiers are quiet, compact, lightweight, and portable. They have a humidistat and timer, auto-shutoff function, adjustable louvers, and an anti-slip base.

Dehydration is related to too much moisture in the air. The moisture obstructs the body’s natural cooling capacity. Sweat, when it evaporates, automatically works towards cooling your body during hot summer months. But, if the humidity is high, your body does not get cooler and instead, you feel dehydrated.

The Afloia dehumidifiers are available to prevent excess moisture forming indoors. That, in turn, helps your body by letting the sweaty drops evaporate, leaving you feeling cooler. Your body’s natural cooling mechanism functions smoothly in a drier environment.

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Battery / Damage to Furniture / Normal and useful

The Afloia Battery-powered dehumidifiers have a cordless option and fit into small spaces like cabinets or drawers. It is compact, and the battery lasts between 4 and 6 hours and can be recharged. It is quiet and uses desiccant material to absorb moisture.

It can be disheartening to find that your high-value furniture is showing signs of damage. Such damage can be caused by high humidity. Wooden furniture can begin to rot once the dampness sets in. It may start as mold growth and then develop patches or stains.But, if left unnoticed, the wooden furniture will show signs of rot.

The only way out is to avoid excess moisture seeping into your home and keeping humidity levels indoors under control. Dehumidifiers help by controlling the indoor environment by drying the moisture before it can take hold of the woodwork.

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Portable / Peeling Paint / Dry paint

The Afloia portable dehumidifiers are stand-alone dehumidifiers. They are not attached or mounted to the wall. They can be easily moved. They could be lightweight and easy to carry or come with a handle and wheels to move them around.

What happens when water spots form on walls? They affect the paint till it starts peeling. Living in a home with peeling paint can be uncomfortable. Having flakes of paint falling on the floor also makes the home hard to live in. If you have used wallpaper, you will find that they are peeling off the wall because of the humidity.

The Afloia dehumidifiers present excess mixture and help in keeping the air dry and cool. They keep the walls safe from moisture absorption as the lower humidity levels prevent moisture accumulation.



Dimensions LxWxH


Upper Temp


2.8 Pounds

 4.72 x 4.72 x 10.63 inches


230 Degrees Fahrenheit

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Problem: High humidity causes heat cramps due to the body losing salt when you are exercising indoors. You need to have a dehumidifier to reduce humidity. Solution: Exercising or yoga with a dehumidifier can become easier if you don’t have to fight off cramping.

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Gun Safe Pro Breeze Mini. Feature: The Pro Breeze Mini dehumidifiers are small and compact. They are portable and easy to use. Check Price

Problem: Dust mites are allergens that are caused by constant humidity. These are allergy triggers that cause asthma attacks or other such conditions. Solution: Dehumidifiers are ideal for reducing the dust mites from your home.

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Gun Safe Eva-Dry Mini. Feature: The Eva-Dry Mini dehumidifiers are usually desiccant dehumidifiers that absorb moisture. They are mini dehumidifiers and are rechargeable. Check Price

Problem: High humidity makes you sweat with no relief because there is no air circulating. Dehumidifier makes it cool enough for the sweat to evaporate. Solution: With less humidity, sweat drops on your body evaporates and leaves you feeling cooler.