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Brand and Size: Dri Eaz LGR Dehumidifier
Area: around 1600 to 3500+ sq ft.
Features: Pump, Industrial, Compact, Drying, Durable, Portable
Suited for: Basement, Garage, Warehouse, Whole House, and more

Dri Eaz LGR Dehumidifier Area Moisture Considerations

Xtra Large Dehumidifiers range from over 150 Pint capacity. Xtra Large Pint dehumidifiers are suitable for areas that range from 2600 sq feet to 3500+ sq feet. 

These Xtra Large appliances are suited to moisture conditions from Wet means [80 – 100% humidity] Water ALWAYS on walls / ceilings to Less Damp means [50 – 60% humidity] Air SOMETIMES feels damp / musty.

Extra Large Dehumidifier Area Moisture Table
Extra Large Dehumidifier Area Moisture Table

Dri Eaz LGR Dehumidifier Features & Benefits 

COLZER 232 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 1

Crawl Space / Feeling Hot / Feeling Cool

The Dri Eaz LGR dehumidifiers are designed compact enough to fit in small tight spaces. They are still very efficient with a humidistat to set it to the desired humidity level. A defrost function will prevent the coils from freezing, a low-temperature operation, and remote control because the crawlspace is too small and inconvenient to enter.

Excess humidity can make you feel hot because the heat builds up in the body having no way to escape through sweat. It obstructs your body’s natural cooling mechanism.

The Dri Eaz LGR dehumidifiers will bring down the humidity levels to make living comfortable and when the heat leaves your body through evaporation of sweat, you will feel cooler.

COLZER 232 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 2

Basement / Musty Odor / Fresh Air

The Dri Eaz LGR dehumidifiers improve air quality in the entire home. It has a low-temperature operation, a remote control, drainage hose option, humidistat, collection tank, and auto-restart.

It is not comfortable to live when you can smell mustiness all around. Excess moisture in the air makes all surfaces damp. Over time, the walls and woodwork absorb the dampness and emanate a foul odor making it difficult to breathe freely.

Keeping the air dry will prevent dampness in homes. With the dampness gone, there is no room for the moisture to stick to surfaces in the home and no musty odor either.

COLZER 232 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 3

Whole House / Skin and Throat Irritation / Calm Skin and Throat

The Dri Eaz LGR dehumidifiers cover the entire house and are high-capacity units. They have a sturdy built design to prevent leaks. They have a digital control and can be installed in the basement with vents for airflow. They have a dedicated drain and easy to clean filters.

The problem in high humidity is that the air is constantly damp. Such a damp environment is a haven for mold and mildew. Constant exposure to mold impacts your and causes health issues, including itchy skin and throat irritation.

By using the Dri Eaz LGR dehumidifier, you can control the air indoors regardless of the high levels of humidity in the region. Dehumidifiers help in removing excess moisture and bring the humidity down to the acceptable level of 50% or less. Mold cannot grow in dry environments and nor can mildew. The solution to prevent skin and throat irritation is to install a dehumidifier in your home.

COLZER 232 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 4

Auto Off / Fatigue / Energetic

The Dri Eaz LGR dehumidifier comes with an auto-off control feature that switches the dehumidifier off when the humidity level reaches the set limit or the water tank is full.

One of the reasons for feeling fatigued is dehydration. Another is discomfort in a humid environment. Living in a space that has high humidity makes you feel sticky and uncomfortable. A sound sleep becomes impossible and in a few days, the lack of sleep and stickiness depletes you of energy leaving you exhausted.

Installing the Dri Eaz LGR dehumidifier can ensure that the air indoors is cool and dry. Sleeping through the night in such comfort can make you feel energised through the day.

COLZER 232 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 5

Auto Restart / Peeling Paint / Dry paint

The auto-restart feature allows the Dri Eaz LGR dehumidifier to restart after a power outage.

What happens when water spots form on walls? They affect the paint till it starts peeling. Living in a home with peeling paint can be uncomfortable. Having flakes of paint falling on the floor also makes the home hard to live in. If you have used wallpaper, you will find that they are peeling off the wall because of the humidity.

The Dri Eaz LGR dehumidifiers present excess mixture and help in keeping the air dry and cool. They keep the walls safe from moisture absorption as the lower humidity levels prevent moisture accumulation.

COLZER 232 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 6

Humidistat / Water Stains / Clean Surfaces

The Dri Eaz LGR humidistat ensures the room is never over-dehumidified or under-humidified. It successfully monitors and manages the humidity in the air near the device, but it does not measure humidity levels in other areas of your home.

Constant exposure to moisture in the air can leave water stains in patches on walls and ceilings. Newly painted walls can take on the look of a bad paint job causing a great deal of unhappiness to the home owners.

One way to prevent water stains is to keep the indoor humidity level lower than 50%. Using a dehumidifier is the solution. This keeps the walls also dry and allows for zero formation of water stains.

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