LG Air Conditioner 6000 BTU


This is a review of the LG Air Conditioner 6000 BTU

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Brand and Size: LG Air Conditioner 6000 BTU
Area: around 250 Sq. Ft
Features: Portable AC, Quiet Operation, Window Installation Kit, Multiple Fan Speeds, Cools Rooms
Suited for: Room, Office, Bedroom, Apartment, School, and more

LG AC 6000 BTU Moisture Considerations

The LG 6000 AC Dehumidifier is suitable for areas around 250 sq feet. 

The LG 6000 AC Dehumidifier is suited to moisture conditions that are: 

Less Damp means [50 – 60% humidity] Air SOMETIMES feels damp / musty

Damp means [60 – 70% humidity] Air ALWAYS feels damp / musty

Less Wet means [70 – 80% humidity] Water SOMETIMES on walls / ceilings 

Wet means [80 – 100% humidity] Water ALWAYS on walls / ceilings

Area Vs. BTU
Area Vs. BTU
6000 Area Moisture
6000 Area Moisture
6,000 BTU Vs Area
6,000 BTU Vs Area

LG Air Conditioner 6000 BTU Features & Benefits

Crane 4 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 1

Quiet / Feeling Hot / Feeling Cool

Quiet dehumidifiers do not have the compressor noise. They work well in living spaces and you can sleep with one running. 

Excess humidity can make you feel hot because the heat builds up in the body having no way to escape through sweat. It obstructs your body’s natural cooling mechanism.

Dehumidifiers will bring down the humidity levels to make living comfortable. When the heat leaves your body through the evaporation of sweat, you will feel cooler.

Crane 4 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 2

Compact / Musty Odor / Fresh Air

Compact dehumidifiers are small sizes that fit in small spaces. They are portable and easy to use.

It is not comfortable to live when you can smell mustiness all around. Excess moisture in the air makes all surfaces damp. Over time, the walls and woodwork absorb the dampness. Then, they release a foul odor making it difficult to breathe freely.

Keeping the air dry will prevent dampness in homes. With the dampness gone, there is no room for the moisture to stick to surfaces in the home and no musty odor either.

Crane 4 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 3

Auto Off / Skin And Throat Irritation / Calm skin and Throat

Dehumidifiers with an auto-off feature switch off when the tank is full or ideal humidity is reached

The problem with high humidity is that the air is constantly damp. Such a damp environment is a haven for mold and mildew. Constant exposure to mold impacts your health. It causes health issues, including itchy skin and throat irritation. By using a dehumidifier, you can control the air indoors. You can also control the high levels of humidity in the region. 

Dehumidifiers help in removing excess moisture. They bring the humidity down to the acceptable level of 50% or less. Mold cannot grow in dry environments and nor can mildew. The solution to prevent skin and throat irritation is to install a dehumidifier in your home.

Crane 4 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 4

Compact / Fatigue / Energetic

Compact dehumidifiers are small sizes that fit in small spaces. They are portable and easy to use.

One of the reasons for feeling fatigued is dehydration. Another is discomfort in a humid environment. Living in a space that has high humidity makes you feel sticky and uncomfortable. 

A sound sleep becomes impossible. In a few days, the lack of sleep and stickiness depletes you of energy leaving you exhausted.

Installing a dehumidifier can ensure that the air indoors is cool and dry. Resting in comfort makes you feel energized throughout the day.

Crane 4 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 5

Energy Efficient / Peeling Paint / Dry Paint

The Mini dehumidifier capacity is 0-1 pints. They are portable, compact and energy efficient. 

What happens when water spots form on walls? They affect the paint till it starts peeling. Living in a home with peeling paint can be uncomfortable. Having flakes of paint falling on the floor also makes the home hard to live in. 

If you have used wallpaper, you will find that they are peeling off the wall because of the humidity.

Dehumidifiers present excess mixture and help in keeping the air dry and cool. 

Dehumidifiers keep walls safe from excessive moisture absorption. The lower humidity levels prevent moisture accumulation.

Crane 4 Pint Dehumidifier Features Benefits 6

Portable / Water Stains / Clean surfaces

A portable dehumidifier is one you can easily move.

Constant exposure to moisture in the air can leave water stains in patches on walls and ceilings. Newly painted walls can take on the look of a bad paint job causing a great deal of unhappiness to the homeowners.

One way to prevent water stains is to keep the indoor humidity level lower than 50%. 

Using a dehumidifier is the solution. This keeps the walls also dry and allows for zero formation of water stains.

People Compare with: 

Wall Mounted MIDEA 8000 BTU. Feature:  The MIDEA 8000 BTU Dehumidifiers with washable filters make maintenance easy and more affordable. Check Price

Problem: Condensation on windows is a sign of excess humidity. This can damage the window frame and objects near the window. Dehumidifiers keep the air dry. Solution: Condensation on windows can also be avoided with a dehumidifier.

Wall Mounted MIDEA 12000 BTU. Feature:  The MIDEA 12000 BTU dehumidifiers use less power and save you on your electric bill.  Check Price

Problem: High humidity causes fatigue as you feel hot and you won’t sleep well which leads to exhaustion. Dehumidifiers help you sleep better and feel rested. Solution: Resting in comfort makes you feel energized throughout the day.

Wall Mounted MIDEA 10000 BTU. Feature:  The MIDEA 10000 BTU dehumidifiers have washable filters, auto-on/off features and have continuous drainage. Check Price

Problem: High humidity causes heat cramps due to the body losing salt when you are exercising indoors. You need to have a dehumidifier to reduce humidity. Solution: Exercising or yoga with a dehumidifier can become easier if you don’t have to fight off cramping.