MIDEA 8000 BTU Dehumidifier


This is a review of the MIDEA 8000 BTU Dehumidifier

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Brand and Size: MIDEA Dehumidifier 8000 BTU
Area: around 320 sq feet
Features: Washable Filter, Easycool, Effortless Operation, Easy Installation
Suited for: Room, Office, Bedroom, Apartment, School, and more

MIDEA 8000 BTU Moisture Considerations

The MIDEA 8000 BTU AC Dehumidifier is suitable for areas around 320 sq feet. 

The MIDEA 8000 BTU AC Dehumidifier is suited to moisture conditions that are: 

Less Damp means [50 – 60% humidity] Air SOMETIMES feels damp / musty

Damp means [60 – 70% humidity] Air ALWAYS feels damp / musty

Less Wet means [70 – 80% humidity] Water SOMETIMES on walls / ceilings 

Wet means [80 – 100% humidity] Water ALWAYS on walls / ceilings

Area Vs. BTU
Area Vs. BTU
8,000 BTU Area Moisture
8,000 BTU Area Moisture
MIDEA 8,000 BTU Vs Area
MIDEA 8,000 BTU Vs Area

MIDEA 8000 BTU Dehumidifier Features & Benefits

MIDEA Dehumidifier 8000 BTU Features Benefits 1

24 Hour Operation / Poor Sleep / Comfortable Sleep

It is possible to run dehumidifiers for 24 hours with an auto-shutoff and auto-restart.

Sound sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body. Excess moisture in the air can make it very uncomfortable to sleep through the night. Tossing and turning because the sheets stick to your body is the likely result of too much mixture in the bedroom.

The MIDEA whole-house dehumidifier or a portable one in the bedroom is the ideal solution to give you a comfortable night’s sleep.

MIDEA Dehumidifier 8000 BTU Features Benefits 2

Portable / Cramps / Relaxed

The MIDEA Portable dehumidifiers are stand-alone dehumidifiers. They are not attached or mounted to the wall. They can be easily moved. They could be lightweight and easy to carry or come with a handle and wheels to move them around. 

Your body can develop heat cramps because of high humidity. It means that you are low on salt and your body salts need balancing. If you are exercising outdoors or indoors, high humidity can cause your legs to cramp and cause acute pain and discomfort. You can take electrolytes if you are outdoors. But, for indoor exercising, you need to bring the humidity levels down. 

The MIDEA Dehumidifiers are an ideal addition to your home to bring the humidity levels down. Exercising or yoga can become easier if you don’t have to fight off cramping.

MIDEA Dehumidifier 8000 BTU Features Benefits 3

Washable Filter / Condensation On Windows / Dry and Clear Windows

Washable filters are convenient as all you have to do is wash them to remove debris and other trapped particles. It is ideal because it makes maintenance more manageable and more cost-effective.

Glass windows are cold surfaces. When the hot or warm air comes into contact with cold surfaces, you get condensation in the form of water droplets. As they trickle down, they flow into the frame and can cause further damage to the windows. Objects near the windows also gather moisture and are prone to dampness and damage.

Keeping the indoor temperature consistent will go a long way to solve the excess moisture problems. Dehumidifiers can be set at the required humidity levels and can help in not only keeping the air dry but also at a fixed temperature. Without frequent changes in the air, water vapor is not likely to form and condensation can be avoided.

MIDEA Dehumidifier 8000 BTU Features Benefits 4

Quiet / Peeling Paint / Dry Paint

The MIDEA quiet dehumidifiers don’t make the normal buzzing or whooshing noises. The rotating fans are constructed in such a way that the acoustic quality is controlled. You can sleep with the dehumidifier working

What happens when water spots form on walls? They affect the paint till it starts peeling. Living in a home with peeling paint can be uncomfortable. Having flakes of paint falling on the floor also makes the home hard to live in. If you have used wallpaper, you will find that they are peeling off the wall because of the humidity. 

The MIDEA dehumidifiers present excess mixture and help in keeping the air dry and cool. They keep the walls safe from moisture absorption as the lower humidity levels prevent moisture accumulation.


Dimensions LxWxH


13 x 17.1 x 28.3 inches

Dehumidifier Air Conditioner, 8000 BTU

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Problem: Damp surfaces can be caused by constant high moisture levels, leaving damp furniture which is uncomfortable. Dehumidifiers keep surfaces dry. Solution: When the indoor environment is dry, your furniture will stay dry, too.

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Problem: High humidity causes fatigue as you feel hot and you won’t sleep well which leads to exhaustion. Dehumidifiers help you sleep better and feel rested. Solution: Resting in comfort makes you feel energized throughout the day.

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Problem: High humidity causes heat cramps due to the body losing salt when you are exercising indoors. You need to have a dehumidifier to reduce humidity. Solution: Exercising or yoga with a dehumidifier can become easier if you don’t have to fight off cramping.