MXRJUWM Mini Dehumidifier


This is a review of the MXRJUWM Mini Dehumidifier

Best Overall

Brand and Size: MXRJUWM Mini Dehumidifier
Area: around 200 sq ft. 
Features: Reliable, Renewable, Reusable Humidifier, Rechargeable, Ideal for Smaller Spaces
Suited for: Home, Basements, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Closets, RV, and more

MXRJUWM Mini Dehumidifier Area Moisture Considerations

Mini Dehumidifiers range from 1-4 Pint capacity. Mini dehumidifiers are suitable around 200 sq feet. 

These mini appliances are suited to moisture conditions that are Less Damp means [50 – 60% humidity] Air SOMETIMES feels damp / musty.

Mini Dehumidifier Area Moisture Table
Mini Dehumidifier Area Moisture Table
Mini Dehumidifier Area Moisture Scale
Mini Dehumidifier Area Moisture Scale

MXRJUWM Mini Dehumidifier Features & Benefits

Small Spaces / Musty odor / Fresh Air

Small Spaces / Musty odor / Fresh Air

Dehumidifiers for small spaces have a compact design; they have an auto-shutoff function, auto-defrost, automatic reset, and air purification features and are easy to use.

It is not comfortable to live when you can smell mustiness all around. Excess moisture in the air makes all surfaces damp. Over time, the walls and woodwork absorb the dampness and emanate a foul odor making it difficult to breathe freely.

Keeping the air dry will prevent dampness in homes. With the dampness gone, there is no room for the moisture to stick to surfaces in the home and no musty odor either.

Bathroom / Fatigue / Energetic

Bathroom / Fatigue / Energetic

Bathroom dehumidifiers are portable. They come in mini models and are quiet with a humidistat, auto-defrost, automatic reset, and air purification functions and are easy to use.

One of the reasons for feeling fatigued is dehydration. Another is discomfort in a humid environment. Living in a space that has high humidity makes you feel sticky and uncomfortable. A sound sleep becomes impossible and in a few days, the lack of sleep and stickiness depletes you of energy leaving you exhausted.

Installing a dehumidifier can ensure that the air indoors is cool and dry. Sleeping through the night in such comfort can make you feel energised through the day.

Closet / Allergy triggers / Allergy prevention

Closet / Allergy triggers / Allergy prevention

Closet dehumidifiers are mini or small portable units with wheels and a handle to move them. They have an auto-restart function, easy to clean filters, a humidistat, and auto-defrost.

Dust mites are a type of allergen that can trigger asthma attacks. If you are already suffering from asthma, your condition could get worse. Those that do not have a history of asthma may develop an asthmatic condition if they are exposed to dust mites in the air.

Dehumidifiers to bring the humidity level to less than 50% are ideal for removing dust mites from your home.

grow room / Water stains / Clean surfaces

Grow room / Water stains / Clean surfaces

Dehumidifiers in grow rooms are high-capacity units because of the excess moisture due to the large quantities of water. They have an auto-restart function and a continuous drain off feature. They can come with a silica gel canister or a compressor. Desiccant dehumidifiers are best suited for grow rooms.

Constant exposure to moisture in the air can leave water stains in patches on walls and ceilings. Newly painted walls can take on the look of a bad paint job causing a great deal of unhappiness to the home owners.

One way to prevent water stains is to keep the indoor humidity level lower than 50%. Using a dehumidifier is the solution. This keeps the walls also dry and allows for zero formation of water stains.

rv / Damage to brickwork and walls / Normal and useful

RV / Damage to brickwork and walls / Normal and useful

RV dehumidifiers are quiet, compact, lightweight, and portable. They have a humidistat and timer, auto-shutoff function, adjustable louvers, and an anti-slip base.

The barriers of vapor or air are usually inbuilt in the brickwork. But, they do not completely prevent the outside air from seeping in. High humidity can also cause moisture to seep into the foundation, crawl spaces, basements, damaging the structure. Differing moisture levels in the plaster, studs, or joists will make the material contract or swell, creating cracks and potentially damaging the entire structure.

Keeping the air inside under control can be done with a dehumidifier. Making sure the structure is sound can be done with regular checks and by ensuring that outside humidity levels have no way of entering your homes.