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This is a review of the TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier

TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier 10000 BTU

TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier

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Brand and Size: TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier
Area: around 400 sq ft. 
Features: Quick Cooling, Energy Efficient, Low Noise, Three in one Functionality, Easy Installation
Suited for: Room, Office, Bedroom, Apartment, School, and more

TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier Moisture Considerations

The TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier is suitable for areas around 400 sq feet. 

The TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier is suited to moisture conditions that are: 

Less Damp means [50 – 60% humidity] Air SOMETIMES feels damp / musty

Damp means [60 – 70% humidity] Air ALWAYS feels damp / musty

Less Wet means [70 – 80% humidity] Water SOMETIMES on walls / ceilings 

Wet means [80 – 100% humidity] Water ALWAYS on walls / ceilings

TaoTronics 10,200 BTU Area Moisture
TaoTronics 10,200 BTU Area Moisture
TaoTronics 10,200 BTU Vs Area
TaoTronics 10,200 BTU Vs Area

TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier Features & Benefits

TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier Features Benefits 1

Wall Mounted / Feeling Stick / Fresh Air

The TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier Wall-mounted dehumidifiers are condensing dehumidifiers and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. They have a remote control, auto-defrost, auto-restart, hygrostat, and a dedicated drain off feature.

High humidity doesn’t allow the sweat to evaporate because there is already too much moisture in the air. It leaves one feeling sticky and uncomfortable.

Dehumidifiers help in reducing the moisture level in the air and allow one to sweat more freely. With less humidity, the sweat drops on your body have a chance to evaporate and leave you feeling cooler.

TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier Features Benefits 2

24 Hour Operation / Dehydration / Well-Hydrated

It is possible to run dehumidifiers for 24 hours with an auto-shutoff and auto-restart.

Dehydration is related to too much moisture in the air. The moisture obstructs the body’s natural cooling capacity. Sweat, when it evaporates, automatically works towards cooling your body during hot summer months. But, if the humidity is high, your body does not get cooler and instead, you feel dehydrated.

Dehumidifiers are available to prevent excess moisture forming indoors. That, in turn, helps your body by letting the sweaty drops evaporate, leaving you feeling cooler. Your body’s natural cooling mechanism functions smoothly in a drier environment.

TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier Features Benefits 3

Energy Efficient / Fatigue / Energetic

An energy-efficient dehumidifier uses less electricity. It has features that allow it to use energy only when it needs to. The Auto-shutoff makes sure that when the humidity level is met, the dehumidifier switches. It only works when it’s supposed to. The built-in pump also uses less electricity.

One of the reasons for feeling fatigued is dehydration. Another is discomfort in a humid environment. Living in a space that has high humidity makes you feel sticky and uncomfortable. A sound sleep becomes impossible and in a few days, the lack of sleep and stickiness depletes you of energy leaving you exhausted.

Installing a dehumidifier can ensure that the air indoors is cool and dry. Sleeping through the night in such comfort can make you feel energised through the day.

TaoTronics AC Dehumidifier Features Benefits 4

Washable Filter / Mold Growth / Fungus Free

Washable filters are convenient as all you have to do is wash them to remove debris and other trapped particles. It is ideal because it makes maintenance more manageable and more cost-effective.

High humidity indoors invites mold growth and mildew. When the walls and floors are constantly damp, they develop a layer of mildew and mold. These continue to grow if not removed. If the house remains damp, removing mold will not be enough. Temporarily letting the mold dry will also not be enough. Preventing further mold growth will be essential.

Dehumidifying your home and bringing the humidity levels to below 50% would be ideal to prevent mold growth.



Dimensions LxWxH


Upper Temp


1.1 Pounds

6.14 x 5.12 x 8.66 inches


50 Degrees Celsius

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