Is Water From A Dehumidifier Drinkable

Is Water From A Dehumidifier Drinkable


The water coming out of your dehumidifier is not meant for consumption. If you’re thinking about drinking it, please think again! Dehumidifiers are designed to remove the moisture from air to keep them dry and clean. The process of removing moisture can be damaging to your health and safety if you do not take precautions when using one.

The answer is no.

Water from a dehumidifier is not drinkable and should not be used for drinking purposes. To clarify, this means that you cannot use the water from your air conditioner or other home appliance to fill up your glass with if you want to have some nice chilled beverages in the evening. Dehumidifiers are meant to keep indoor air dry by removing moisture from the air around them; however, they do not have enough capacity (or any at all) to remove water completely from an object or person’s body so it would be unsafe for anyone who may have ingested this substance earlier on in their lives before becoming aware of its toxicity later on down the line! The same goes for washing clothes with distilled water if they weren’t properly cleaned beforehand either since these types of products can cause serious health problems when consumed regularly over long periods of time due mainly due how much sodium content there tends towards being within such liquids.”

You can drink the water coming out of a dehumidifier, but it’s not clean enough for drinking. The same goes for drinking any kind of purified water that has been distilled or purified with reverse osmosis (RO). This type of filtration removes all contaminants from your tap water, including viruses and bacteria that make you sick—but it also removes essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

If you want to boil a panful of coffee or tea made with distilled or RO-filtered coffee/tea leaves (and who doesn’t?), then go ahead; otherwise don’t risk putting yourself at risk by ingesting unsafely treated liquids!

The quick answer is a resounding NO.

If you want to be safe and healthy, don’t drink any water from your dehumidifier. This means that if you’re in the habit of drinking bottled or filtered water on a daily basis, then there’s no reason for that to change—as long as it’s not being used for cooking or cleaning purposes (which may contain chemicals).

  • The water coming out of your dehumidifier is not meant for consumption.
  • You should not drink the water, nor use it for cooking or other purposes.
  • Do not use the water in your garden, bathroom or any other room where you may be tempted to take a drink from it!


The answer to the question of whether water from a dehumidifier drinkable is simple: NO.

The water coming out of your dehumidifier is not meant for consumption and it can be harmful if ingested. You should always make sure that you have enough fresh water before using any type of humidifier or air purifying unit in your home! If you are ever unsure about what kind of liquid will work best for drinking purposes, please consult with an expert before taking any action with regards to consuming any sort of humidifier output.

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