Comfort Benefits Of A Dehumidifier


Comfort benefits of a dehumidifier

  1. Reduces Allergies
  2. Removes Pests
  3. Save on Electric Bills
  4. Erase Odors
  5. Prevents Dust Mites
  6. Keeps Food Fresh
  7. Improves Sleep
  8. Boosts Energy
We can build a great-looking home or move into a lovely apartment. But, if the indoor environment proves to be uncomfortable, our new homes stop to be ideal. This happens when you live in a humid environment and the humidity level ruins the ambiance of your home. The comfort benefits of a dehumidifier are many. 
We are looking at dehumidifiers as indoor comfort providers. As such, they can be portable models or whole-house dehumidifiers. Let us understand what dehumidifiers do and how they solve our comfort issues.
What Do Dehumidifiers Do
What Do Dehumidifiers Do

What Do Dehumidifiers Do?

Dehumidifiers work on removing the excess moisture from moist environments. They reduce the level of humidity. Anything over 50% humidity levels causes discomfort. High humidity invites dust mites, mold, mildew growth.
Excessive humidity causes water stains on walls, floors, ceilings, and condensation on windows. Water causes damage to the property. A whole house dehumidifier can prevent dampness, increase comfort levels in our homes, and better our quality of life. Moreover, dehumidifiers can preserve the structural integrity of our homes.[1]
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Dehumidifiers For Improved Comfort
Dehumidifiers For Improved Comfort

Dehumidifiers For Improved Comfort

A home with a balanced range of indoor humidity provides more comfort indoors. Balanced humidity indicates a lower level of moisture in the air. It has reduced humidity levels. This is particularly noticeable in wet regions or tropical climates.
It is only when the indoor air quality is dry and cool, that it is comfortable. We can also enjoy a life free of any health issues. Improved air quality is possible. You can use a whole-house dehumidifier or portable units .
How Can You Use Dehumidifiers For Your Comfort
How Can You Use Dehumidifiers For Your Comfort

How Can You Use Dehumidifiers For Your Comfort?

The first step is to understand the need for a dehumidifier. For instance, how do you know that you need one? So, start with finding out the relative humidity range inside your home. 
Generally, humidity levels can vary according to changing seasons and weather. It can also change due to air circulation, and energy used by air conditioners. But, the goal is to keep the relative humidity levels at anywhere between 30% and 50%.
A 30% to 50% humidity range is the best for good health and personal comfort. During the summer months, indoor humidity levels tend to be higher, and during winter months, humidity is lower. By using a hygrometer, you should be able to gauge your home’s relative humidity level.

Once you understand this, you can add an appropriate dehumidifier to your home.

Your appliance can keep the air and humidity levels at the required range to maximize your comfort level.

Appropriate means three things. First your dehumidifier may be for a specific location like your crawl space, a bathroom, or a whole house unit. Second, your dehumidifier may be a particular type; for examples,  a energy efficient type, a self-draining type, or include an air purifier. Third, you might consider a dehumidifier based on capacity or how many pints of moisture it can remove from the air each day.

There are different types of dehumidifiers that controls moisture levels. They all ensure a comfortable level of your living environment.
Temperature Vs Humidity
Temperature Vs Humidity

Comfort benefits of dehumidifiers include

  • One: Removing allergens and reducing seasonal allergic reactions,
  • Two: Removing pests,
  • Three: Saving on energy bills,
  • Four: Erasing unpleasant odors, such as foul and musty odor from mold growth.
  • Five: Preventing dust mites,
  • Six: Keeping your food fresh,
  • Seven: Improves sleep,
  • Eight: Reduces fatigue and boosts energy
Common allergens thrive in damp conditions. Examples of these allergy triggers include: dust mites, mildew, and mold. Allergens gravitate towards the damp environment in your home and find themselves welcome.
Rooms that use water – like the laundry, bathrooms, and basements also tend to have poor air circulation. Persistently damp areas tend to invite mold, mildew, and a variety of insects.
Unfortunately, allergens do not stay contained within these moist areas. Allergens spread to the rest of the house. They can also cause dry skin, itching, dry cough and other symptoms of allergies. They cause blocked nasal passages and nose bleeds.
With a dehumidifier, you can decrease the excessive moisture levels. Get a dehumidifier.[2] Make your home inhospitable to allergens and avoid allergy symptoms. 
Reduces Pest Related Problems
Reduces Pest Related Problems

Reduces Pest Related Problems

Pests such as cockroaches, spiders, and ants love humid environments. Any signs of such pests appearing in your home means that you definitely need a dehumidifier. It’s not nice seeing bugs & pests.
It is best if you spot these pests immediately. They will usually be the rooms with excessive moisture. A dehumidifier can keep the rooms dry and the pests away. [3]
Save On Energy Costs
Save On Energy Costs

Save on Energy Costs

Receiving high electricity utility bills is no fun. Your air conditioning unit has to work extra hard when your air is moist. Controlling your indoor air temperature is harder when your home is damp. Cooling costs tend to become high. 
A dehumidifier helps you by keeping the air dry. Your air conditioners doesn’t need to work as hard. [4]
You receive two benefits. The first benefit is that your electricity bill will be lower because your air conditioner will be working energy efficiently. The second benefit is that the wear and tear on your HVAC is reduced so your air conditioners will last longer.
Remove Foul And Musty Smells
Remove Foul And Musty Smells

Remove Foul and Musty Smells

Humidity causes discomfort when the moisture levels are too high and the air is damp. Humidity invites mold growth and increases the chances of allergies. These allergies can lead to asthmatic attacks.
High humidity and dampness levels cause a musty smell. This smell can permeate your home. Your carpets, upholstery, and curtains can all stink.
The funky smells can enter closets and attach themselves to even your washed clothes.
It’s uncomfortable walking around in foul-smelling clothes.
Breathing in air that smells of mold and reeks of mildew is unhealthy. Get a dehumidifier to bring back your comfort. [5]  Would you enjoy breathing in fresher, cleaner, and drier air? Keep your family healthy and energized with better sleep in a cleaner home.
Keep Your Food Fresh
Keep Your Food Fresh

Keeps Your Food Fresh

Excessive moisture in the air can enter the pantry and your kitchen cupboards. Moisture can also make your bread, cereals, chips, rice, and beans damp & stale. We keep food dry in airtight containers for a reason; which is, to keep the food from going stale.
In some cases, excess humidity levels can still affect these food items. So, having a dehumidifier can keep the indoor environment dry and your food safe from smelly mildew. [6]
Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air. They maintain the humidity levels at 50% or less with the help of a humidistat in the unit. Dehumidifiers improve the air quality indoors and keep your food fresher for longer times.
Reduce Dust
Reduce Dust

Reduce Dust

Keeping your home free from dust is a challenge. High levels of pollution make controlling dust indoors even harder. Still, you can control dust as well as dust mites to a certain extent. Dust mites are microscopic bugs that live in your bed & furniture and enjoy eating your dead skin.
A humid environment plus dust leads to condensation making these surfaces grimy, sticky, and damp. Dust mites love and bloom when humidity is high. 
Dust and dust mites are considered an allergen. Dust can cause allergy attacks. Dust can cause sneezing, wheezing, cough, runny noses and watering eyes. Maintain proper air circulation and a balanced air moisture content to reduce dust. [7]
How important is your health and well-being? When we live a home with high humidity levels our health suffers. So, a dehumidifier installation becomes necessary.
A dehumidifier can make your home more clean by keeping the air dry and cool. It can also keep the health hazards such as allergens and pests away from your home. This appliance is a reasonable & practical option to keep our family energized, healthy, and relaxed.
The size or capacity of the dehumidifier your need is based on two factors. Factor one is the moisture in your room or home. Factor two is the area of your room or home. Here is a calculator.
Capacity From Area Vs Moisture Table
Capacity From Area Vs Moisture Table